Samuel Windsor: All about soles in shoes

Make sure you can go anywhere you need to go when you have a great sole in your shoes. Find out more about them here at Samuel Windsor. The first thing you need to know about the soles of your shoes is They Are Where Your Heels Go!

The second important thing you need to know is… It Is Very Difficult (Almost Impossible) To Buy A Great Pair Of Shoes In Any Store! You see, the employees of most stores are not trained in what good shoes should be like. They are much more concerned with getting your business than they are with giving you something that will last a long time. So, if you do decide to shop for shoes in a regular retail store, you will be disappointed. However, it isn’t necessary to go to a retail store to buy great-looking shoes. You see, there are plenty of online shoe sellers who sell what I call “killer” shoes. These shoes are so great looking, they’ll cause all the regular retail sales people to… Turn Their Heads Whenever You Walk By! But, be careful. Not every online shoe seller sells killer shoes. Some of them just want to make a quick buck by selling you something that will quickly fall apart. So, if you do a little research (which I’ll show you how to do later in this letter), you should be able to find a couple of reliable online shoe sellers who sell killer shoes at honest prices.

Second is They Are Where The Rubber Met The Road (Or Carpet)

And that’s where any kind of shoe repair should begin. If you take good care of your shoes and let them get plenty of good, hard use, they will last a lifetime and then some. But, if you abuse them…

Shoes Will Be The First Thing You Have To Repair!

It’s easy to tell if your shoes are getting abused. All you have to do is look at the bottom of each one of them. If it looks like the tread has been cut or worn away in several places… then… you know your shoes have been abused.

The second thing you need to know about the soles of your shoes is…

They Are Where The Fun Begins!

You see, as the contact surface between your feet and the ground, your shoes’ soles determine how comfortable you will be while walking, running, standing or sitting. In fact, they can make (or break) your entire experience on any surface.

Now pay attention: Comfort and durability are both important… but… comfort wins out every time. And that’s why, when you get a great pair of shoes, you should put them right out of the box into your active rotation…