If, as the saying goes, “you can tell a man by his shoes”, what would you like your shoes to say about you?  You can change the way you look, feel and are seen by simply just changing your shoes.  So, perhaps it’s time to do just that …. you’ll definitely change your life.


Exemplifying professionalism

For all formal situations and occasions – from funerals to weddings, the Oxford is uniformly accepted to be the most appropriate and must-have in footwear for men.

Slipping on a pair of Oxford lace-ups won’t turn you into a super-suave government agent, ala 007, but you’ll certainly feel like a professional which will help you get more than that job interview.  The good news is, these classic men’s shoes look just as good with jeans as they do with a formal business suit…… as Esquire’s Chris Mandle says: “Every man should own a simple, fuss-free pair of black dress shoes.  Ditch the frills and excessive details and stick to something classic.”

Oxfords look great worn with a well-cut suit and tie; for more casual occasions, go for a brown suede pair with jeans, t-shirt and unstructured jacket.


Exuding entrepreneurialism

Richard Branson has been known to greet guests to Makepeace Island in his bare feet. When you’re a billionaire businessman, anything goes, but if you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, you’ll need a pair of men’s leather shoes that inspires.

Step forward the classic penny loafer. As the guys at Off the cuff LDN say, it’s a shoe that’s:  “withstood the test of time and has rightly earned recognition as one of the most admired footwear pieces currently available.”

Quality shoes impress potential business contacts. As blogger Paul McGregor says: “keep it classic, focusing on a hard wearing loafer that you can tell straight away has had a good deal of craftsmanship go into its production.”

Elegant, versatile and full of personality, loafers look great with a suit or tailored separates and they dress down well too – wear yours with chinos, Oxford shirt and even a smart jacket.  Loafers are surprisingly flexible and can be worn for a number of occasions.  Whilst a sockless-chino-short combination is a winning summer look, you could just so easily pull-off wearing them with a suit.

Should you end up “loafing around” your own private island, at least with a pair of loafers, they’re easy to slip on and off.


Epitomising effortless style

Movie icon, Idris Elba loves his brogues, wearing them with a range of outfits that encompasses formal suits, casual jumpers and jeans, and everything in- between. A man who is at ease in his skin, shows the world that his footwear choice says it all.

While you might not often experience the red carpet treatment, a pair of brogues will certainly make you feel at home anywhere, taking you from date to desk with ease.

As Grey Fox’s David writes:  “A classic design, brogues work well with formal or casual wear and, for the man of mature years, are preferable to a pair of battered trainers.” 

And don’t think you have to choose black to look smart – the old adage “no brown around town” no longer applies.  Brown leather brogues worn with a deep blue suit is superb contemporary formal attire that’ll put your peers in the shade. They’re formal enough for almost every occasion but worn in brown are also a great shoe to relax in.


Encompassing refinement

The monk strap shoe has to be the top 5 dress shoes every man should defintely own.  The Monk may not be a shoe that’s typically on your shoe radar, but it sure should be!  They are now being seen as the new and advanced dress shoe.

They make a very stylish and dapper fashion forward statement, which allows them to work for so many occassions.  Monks can be formal and sophisticated in design but very versatile and they work in so many environments.  Their design ensures they’re appropriate for the office but can just as easily progesss to after-work drinks and all weekend events.

They look great with a suit, chinos, a crips pair of jeans and just about everything in between.


Exhibiting casual simplicity

A moccasin style shoe, invented by Paul Sperry in 1935 as a non-slip leisure shoe for sailors.  They have been popular ever since and boat/deck shoes can be worn at any time for and in many settings. Traditionally worn without socks, they are a casual must have for every man. 

Ideal for those summer braai’s or meeting friends for lunch, where you want to appear relaxed.  They are smart and classic enough to ensure that your standards of style definitely won’t slip.

Deck shoes are essentially a casual choice, so it is unlikely that you’ll be wearing them with a suit.  You can dress them up though and they will still be perfect for a number of outfits and with so many colourful options available, you certainly will have some fun.


(Content and Image sources: Samuel Windsor UK & SA)


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