Each pair of Samuel Windsor shoes are handmade with pride by exceptional craftsmen, with no compromise on quality. Samuel Windsor men's shoes are the epitome of style and sophistication. Using only the finest leathers and suedes, both our lace-up and slip-on shoes are designed to fulfil the demands of a stylish and modern gentleman.

Unlike other manufacturers who make extensive use of machinery, Samuel Windsor shoes are made almost exclusively by hand.  

It takes over 100 individual processes and up to four weeks to produce each pair, resulting in the finest handmade footwear.  Handcrafting shoes utilizing natural products in this way can result in slight burnishes with the leather from time to time and tiny variations on the heels and soles. These slight variances are part of the joy of owning a pair of genuine handmade shoes and should not give any cause for concern. 

Our Classic shoes feature Goodyear Welted construction. Goodyear Welted construction is used on all the best leather shoes. Invented hundreds of years ago, it is still considered one of the finest methods of shoe construction today.This construction is strong and durable, guaranteeing long lasting good looks and reliability.

Of course, taking proper care of the shoe leather is an important step to maintaining its appearance and longevity. In order to lengthen the life of your Samuel Windsor shoes, we recommend you follow these simple steps:

  • When not being worn, preferably use shoetrees to ensure they maintain their shape. Otherwise, store them flat, side by side.
  • Drying – never dry your shoes using artificial heat such as hair dryers, heaters or in direct sunlight. The artificial heat will dry the leather to an extreme degree, which could cause it to crack. It is better to insert newspaper inside them and allow them to dry naturally.
  • Cleaning – besides making your shoes look good, a regular dose of polish will make the leather last. Clean your shoes regularly with our quality nourishing and protecting leather cream (free with each pair of leather shoes purchased) that allows the leather to breathe and replenish the natural oils found in the leather.
  • Goodyear Welted styles can be re-soled many times.Doing so when necessary will extend the lifespan of your shoes and ensure many years of wear.

Here at Samuel Windsor, we pride ourselves in offering top quality shoes at very affordable prices. Whatever pair of handmade shoes you choose, your investment will definitely be rewarded!

Available in Sizes 5 to 14



(Source: Samuel Windsor UK) 

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